Resin Adirondack Chairs; Home Improvement Furniture Ideas

Resin Adirondack Chairs are a Great Alternative to Wood

The first Adirondack chairs were conceived in the Adirondack Mountains in 1903 when Thomas Lee needed chairs for his summer home while on vacation. He made them from one piece of board cut into 11 pieces. The backs were long and straight and the arm rests were wide for comfort. The chairs provided a good seating arrangement even when put on a slope due to the high slant of the back and seat. This was a deliberate design consideration because of the steep inclines of the mountain country.

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Now Adirondack chairs have a contoured back and seat creating an even more comfortable platform. Other than that they share the same characteristics as the original. A successful design is always emulated and you can recognize elements of the Adirondack chair in everything from gliders to pool loungers. New materials used in manufacturing outdoor furniture mean that you aren’t limited to wood in your Adirondack chair choices.

Resin furniture has been around for a while but it is now being used in the manufacture of resin Adirondack chairs. New manufacturing techniques allow manufacturers to create chairs that are strong and durable and just as comfortable as their wooden counterparts. Another advantage of the Adirondack chairs is that they have an adjustable back and seat so you can get the optimum seating arrangement for your body type.

Compared to wood resin furniture is incredibly easy to maintain. You don’t need to sand or varnish, lacquer or seal it. UV protection in the resin also means that it won’t crack or fade from too much sun. Being lighter means that the whole family will be able to move the furniture around when needed. From a green environmental perspective a lot of resin furniture is made from recycled plastic bottles giving another compelling reason to invest. With the right colors and texturing it can even be made to resemble wood as well.

If you happen to be after some outdoor furniture for your deck or patio and didn’t think resin furniture is for you give some thought to resin Adirondack chairs . They are strong and come in a variety of colors as well as being just as comfortable as their wooden counterparts. Resin Adirondack Chairs; Home Improvement Furniture Ideas

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