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Global packaging solutions provider, MeadWestvaco recently decided to improve manufacturing operations. Without sacrificing customer service levels, they wanted to better manage their inventory volume. To help with this issue, they enlisted the help of Invistics,  the official lead designer of demand-driven Lean management products and solutions intended for high-mix industries. Invistics deployed their MachSix Pull Manager and Inventory Advisor modules.

MeadWestvaco now uses the MachSix Pull Manager and the MachSix Inventory Advisor to control the release of new orders to the plant and to set inventory targets. Using data from the company’s existing systems, the two modules work in concert to determine the optimal trade-offs between inventory levels and customer service. The result- “All of us have been confident to get relief from our extra inventory by almost 50 percent risk free of lowering customer accommodation,” said Donna Ruder, Representative of Order Fulfillment at MeadWestvaco.


Initially, Invistics conducted a workshop to help MWV envision the best Pull possibly will get the job done in their facilities. Within a month, MWV was right up and operating Pull via the existing database and Invistics’ software. The implemented changes will be accurate, sustainable and flexible enough for optimization in spite of oftentimes conditions swap.

“We strive to deliver solutions that help high-mix industries achieve operational excellence,” said Tom Knight, CEO of Invistics. “It is gratifying that the unique capabilities of the MachSix suite are producing such a significant return for MeadWestvaco,” he added.

Pull Manager and Inventory Advisor now are components of the functions of the MachSix suite. The other options are:
Lean Insights: Lean Insight determines very important metrics for corporations expecting to encourage Good actions.
Lot Sizer: Lot Sizer boosts good deal, batch as well as promotion dimensions in almost any high-mix business.
Flow Path Health: Flow Path Health boasts real time  exposure directly into order-to-fulfillment by enabling clients to effectively earn exposure directly into the wellness of active inventorying heights and also valued clientele, strategies and also buying requests coming from charts then graphs.

The MachSix interface suite improves pull-based supercharging features according to much than 250 ERP/MES techniques. It gives many of the equipment necessary to research but also increase inventory values, yet will provide the whole firm with a real time overview throughout the firm production units and directly into the corporation floor as well as all-around the producing carousels. With simply minutes of instructions, workers and technicians will probably obtain knowledge based on inventorying values, segmenting by firm divisions, products line, region, or factory. Depending on Lean Manufacturing guidelines and a crucial Six Sigma segments, the MachSix application is now on the market today in the form of a SaaS system or applied to the prospect’s company. Expert services using MachSix have experienced spectacular, continuous outcomes consisting of a lot more than 99% on-time deliveries, a constant lowering of 50% in inventorying, and a decrease in time cycles with even more than a half.

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