Technology has firmly entrenched us in the information age. What does this mean for outdoor bar stools I hear you ask. Technology has created a society where most workers will spend the majority of their work life cooped up in an office cubicle. When they get home they hardly want to spend time indoors. It’s what they do all day so they need to relax outside instead of indoors. With all of these workers wanting to spend time outside there is an increase in the demand for outdoor furniture to make it as comfortable as possible.

The need for sturdy, easy maintenance furniture that can handle the outdoor environments is increasing. People are buying outdoor bar sets, patio tables and chairs, bistro sets and outdoor bar stools because of this desire to get outdoors after countless hours cooped up in an office cubicle. Indoor furniture just isn’t built to withstand the outdoor environment. A few seasons outside will make it unusable. Outdoor furniture manufactured from the correct materials is what is needed to handle the harsh outdoors.

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So what materials are best suited to make outdoor furniture from. Metal is extremely popular for the manufacture of outdoor furniture. Wrought iron outdoor bar stools can look great with the right setting. They’re sturdy and need a little bit of maintenance to protect them from rust but they are heavy. They’re heavy so storing them away in winter can be a chore. Covering them with furniture covers is an option and at least you know your furniture won’t blow away.

You could always consider cast aluminum as a reasonable alternative to wrought iron furniture. Cast aluminum is a lot lighter than wrought iron so it’s easier to store. The appearance is similar but it does lack the detail of wrought iron furniture.

To overcome the disadvantage of an uncomfortable metal seat that will burn you if left in the sun, you have the option of covering the seat with an outdoor cushion. Modern materials used in outdoor furniture have progressed in recent years. It’s tough and durable and can stand up to all manner of harsh nasty weather.

Teak wood is the material of choice for people who positively need wooden furniture for their outdoor areas. Wooden furniture doesn’t need cushions to be comfortable although they are still an option. It is also less likely to burn you if it’s been out in the sun for a while. You also get natural oils and resins present in the wood for added protection from the weather. Warping and cracking from too much moisture is also prevented with teak furniture due to its natural waterproofing.

So, in this writer’s humble opinion the choices of material for outdoor bar stools to go for would be cast aluminum, wrought iron and then wood, preferably teak. If you liked this article you can get heaps more ideas at the author’s website on outdoor patio bar stools.

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